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Venture Capital division

Active since many decades, the Venture Capital division constantly scans the global markets for promising opportunities. Investments are done through capital injections and stock exchange.

The Peja group has a special focus on developing economies and emerging markets.

The Peja group has a broad-based investment policy regarding equities.  International and local stock markets are monitored for interesting opportunities regarding the trade in shares.

Besides shares in various stock markets all over the world, the Peja group also invests in unlisted companies with high potential. Operational advice and contributions, active oversight and synergy with other group companies form the basis for these engagements.

Launched in 2008, WebVet is the premier online resource for vet-approved pet health and wellness information. By delivering a holistic consumer experience through in-depth, trusted content; engaging community, robust veterinary resources; and valuable ecommerce opportunities, our goal is to serve as the ultimate destination for all things pet.

With more than 1500 articles, 500 blogs, 300 health topics, 220 breed pages, and 17 downloadable Pet-Pods, WebVet provides pet owners the most comprehensive content portfolio available.

Memories of Asia is a culinary Kantonese restaurant situated in the city center of Arnhem. Exquisite dishes are inspired by the southern province of Guangdong, China.

Instead of working with a Menu and predefined choices, dinner at Memories of Asia is a gastronomic adventure where the Chef creates dishes based on the preferences of the guests. Served by skilled hostst and accompanied by complementary wines, every course guarantees a fantastic experience with fresh ingredients and unique flavours.