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Real Estate division

The real estate portfolio is divided over three Peja group companies: Peja Vastgoed, Peja Immobilien and Princeton Property Partners.

Peja Vastgoed also manages available warehouses and office space at the Peja main office in Arnhem.


Peja Vastgoed mainly manages project development and real estate objects in the Netherlands and the main office in Arnhem:

  • Broekstraat 32, 117, 119, 125, 127, Arnhem
  • Van Oldenbarneveldtstraat 79, 85A-F, Arnhem
  • Entire Emplacementsstraat, Arnhem

Peja Immobilien has comparable activities to Peja Vastgoed and focusses on East and West Germany. Key objects such as office buildings, warehouses, residential areas and monumental landmarks are acquired and managed for future exploitation or longterm investment.

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Princeton Property Partners (PPP) is an investment and development company in the larger Princeton market. PPP develops and manages real estate projects for various clients and on own account. The investment strategy focusses on East Coast college towns with strong alternative economic drivers.

Peja UK ltd. manages project development and real estate objects in the United Kingdom.

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