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Former checkpoint Dreilinden, Teerofen 42, 44, 45 14109 Berlin-Zehlendorf, Albrechts

On the plot exists a former wayside restaurant and the Kremnitz-bridge over the Teltow-canal. Both including the infrastructure were built from 1951 to 1954.

Until 1969 this plot was known as checkpoint Bravo and used by the allied forces to control the border between East and West Germany. Since the union of Germany the highway A115 was rerouted and stopped passing through checkpoint Bravo.

Nowadays the Kremnitz-bridge is mostly used by pedestrians and cyclists. The plot development destination is forest / green area.

Area: Checkpoint Bravo is part of Zehlendorf, the most expensive part of the greater Berlin area where villas and large estates form the majority of residences.

Plot: 14.772 m²

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