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Heritage division

Historic buildings and structures like the Dömitzer Elbe EisenBahn bridge and Checkpoint Bravo in Berlin that are an important part of European recent history are paid tribute by including them in this extraordinary collection.

The First National Rolls Royce & Bentley Museum, Silver Hill (restoration) and coachbuilder Hooper International pay tribute to exclusive motor cars. On the same premises where the museum is located, modifications, maintenance and repairs are carried out to heritage motor cars.

Dömitzer EisenBahn bridge
The Dömitzer Elbe EisenBahn bridge was built from 1870 to 1873 and heavily bombarded in WWII. The bridge remains have a length of about 550m consisting of 16 steel bridge parts with a concrete pillar structure for support. The steel frames span about 34m each.

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Checkpoint Bravo
Until 1969 the Kremnitz-bridge over the Teltow-canal was known as checkpoint Bravo and used by the allied forces to control the border between East and West Germany

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The museum is located on the main Peja  premises in Arnhem and boosts a collection of over 150 historical vehicles. Chiefly post-war and approximately half are Rolls-Royce and Bentley. Admittance to the museum is possible for groups over 25 persons and on request only. Currently there is no entrance fee for the museum.

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Silverhill International specializes in customisation, restoration and maintenance of Rolls-Royces and Bentleys. The team consists of car lovers with a passion for these special and legendary English automobiles.

In 1995 Silverhill International was officially established. Since that time a vast client base has been created in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Due to necessary expansion in 2014, Silverhill International moved to the Peja premises in Arnhem.

Hooper International B.V. is a coachbuilder, purveyor of bespoke and collectible automobiles and lessor of young- and oldtimers. It is a non-profit organization sponsoring The First National Rolls Royce & Bentley Museum in Arnhem, The Netherlands.

Hooper International is specializing in the very top end of the market, building the most luxurious bodies possible.